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Some people collect and take photos just to cherish for the rest of their lives, and may be pass it down to their children and grand children. Other people collect those photos solely to make money. They find a platform to showcase these items, and sell them for profit. Regardless, both approach are completely fine. Whatever makes you happy!

I am writing this post for those looking to make a little or a lot of money from their collectibles.

Whether you are buying or taking photos or taking them for your own personal happiness, or you are buying or making them to turn a profit, you need to make sure you are making or buying the right items that are unique or rare, original, and something that captures the eye.

Price is also key especially for people buying to sell. You need to make sure you are buying at the right price. This will help you sell at a reasonable price to gain profit.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying or selling collectibles –

  • Make sure the collectibles are authentic
  • Understand the details of the collectibles
  • Do a market research of the collectibles
  • Timing is key to understand when your item is needed
  • Understand the condition of your collectibles
  • Understand where to buy collectibles at the best price
  • Understand where to sell collectibles at the highest price

Fine art, Painting, Illustrations, drawings, and other form of artwork always have it’s way into people’s heart. The most important thing is to know and identify what you can live and love.

Also to know what works with your home, office or anywhere you spend time. Every artwork has a specific space that it identifies with. It doesn’t just identify with people, it also identifies with spaces. (Studio Photography)

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